Water Commander
Model MG 22

Our Most Popular Model for Residential Use

Water Commander model MG 22 is by far our most popular model, a true workhorse that is installed in thousands of homes across the country.

If your home has a ¾ inch water main, as do the majority of private residences, the MG 22 will provide you with significantly more flood protection than any other brand of water-powered pump available on the market today.

This high output pump can easily pump at rates which will meet or exceed those of your primary electric sump pump. It is extremely reliable, operating at full power for many years.

  • Minimum ¾” water supply
  • From 40 psi to 125 psi house water pressure
  • 1 ¼” PVC suction and discharge pipes

Pumping Capacity at 10' Lift:
  40 psi 50 psi 60 psi 70 psi 80 psi
Water removed per minute 13.5 gpm 17.8 gpm 22.1 gpm 26 gpm 30.7 gpm
Water removed per hour 809 gph 1,067 gph 1,324 gph 1,562 gph 1,843 gph
Fresh water flow needed 9.2 gpm 10.4 gpm 11 gpm 11.5 gpm 12 gpm
gpm = gallons per minute     gph = gallons per hour