Water Commander has many advantages.

No battery or electricity
is needed.

Water Commander is a non-electric backup sump pump that uses your home's water pressure to operate - no battery or electricity is needed. It will pump, as needed, during power outages or primary sump pump failure. It will also work in tandem with your electrical sump pump if necessary in an extreme downpour.

More powerful than any other brand of water-powered sump pump available.

Water Commander is quite powerful compared to other water-powered backup sump pumps. It can easily match or outpump your electric sump pump. (See pumping capacities Model MG 22 or Model MG 36)

It's dependable.
You can rest easy.

You can depend on the Water Commander. The pump will activate and empty your sump automatically, there is no need to be home as you would if using a generator. Even if you are gone for weeks, Water Commander will stay on duty and operate at full power as needed.

Water Commander is easy to install and operates silently.

Water Commander operates silently. It handles solids up to a diameter of .033" (MG 22) or .042" (MG 36). It easily mounts on the wall next to the sump, or up in the joist above the sump. It can be mounted in various positions (see Installation Considerations) as the situation requires. Suction and discharge lines can have multiple 90 degree turns.

Water Commander beats battery backups.

Unlike battery backups, Water Commander will operate as needed for an unlimited amount of time. No maintenance is required.

There is no future battery replacement needed. A battery backup will give you 7 to 8 hours run time when new, but loses power capacity consistently as time goes by, until the battery must be replaced after two to three years. Also, there is no possibility of battery acid spills or battery disposal issues.

Water Commander will run reliably without limit for many years after a battery backup has lost its power.